Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Paint Chip Leaves

After finishing our framed paint chip art project, we realized that we had stolen* way too many paint chips and we had A LOT left over. It was quickly determined that we would need to do something with the remaining paint chips. 

*But really, how many free samples can you take before it's considered stealing?

Shortly after deciding that we needed to use the rest of these paint chips, I went on a hunt online for some inspiration. After finding a picture of something similar made with scrapbook paper, we set to work and came out with: 

Want to know how to make that?
Good! That's why we're here.

Here's what you will need:
  • Paint Chips
  • Sticks/Branches
  • Glue Sticks
  • Floral Wire

The first step in this project is to collect the paint chips and branches. Since we are in Arizona, collecting branches is not as easy as you may think. 
Most of our plants have thorns, spikes, and needles. 
Luckily one of our neighbors had a big friendly tree out front and we found enough in their yard to complete this project. 

The first step was to start cutting the leaves out of the paint chips. We wanted to be able to glue two paint chips of the same color back to back, so we made sure that we had two of each paint chip that we used. Luckily, we had stolen* enough paint chips to make this happen. 

Make sure that you put the two paint chips of the same color back to back and cut them at the same time! This will make it so you have leaves of the same size and color when it comes time to glue.
We used the paint chips that had 6 different shades on one strip so that we had a wide variety of leaf colors. 

After we cut a huge pile of leaves, it was time to start gluing.

 We took each pair of leaves and laid them out on a piece of paper. The we coated the back of one leaf with glue from the glue stick. We put a piece of floral wire down (3"-6" in length), and then topped it with the matching leaf.  

This created a whole collection of these little leaf pieces. 
 We also got creative and glued multiple leaves together to make these cute little flowers.

Once we had glued all of our leaves and flowers, it was time to start attaching them to the branches. 

Attaching the leaves to the branch was pretty simple; we just wrapped the floral wire around the branch. We mixed and matched with colors to make it look as random as possible. 

From there, the only thing left to do was arrange the branches in a vase! 

Oh hey, that's a sweet vase! I wonder where I could buy it...

What? I can buy it right here? Thanks!

The great thing about these branches is that no matter what vase you put them in, they still look great.
I think I like them best in this one, though. 

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