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Shelby and Jen met when they both found jobs working with the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation at Taliesin West in Scottsdale, Arizona. They quickly bonded over their shared love for art, design, odd coincidences, and ponies. After a year of desert exploration, it was decided late one night that they should start a blog to document all of their adventures with art, architecture, animals, and anything else.

Hey, Blog World! My name is Jen and I am one of the co-founders of Polka Dotted Pony. Since this is an 'about me' section, I guess I should tell you a little bit about myself.
I am a recent graduate of Northern Arizona University, with a degree in elementary education. That means that I will be getting my own classroom and starting my teaching career in August.
I have worked with at Taliesin West for over two years, and the weird, cult-like architectural community has taken its toll on me. 
I have one dog, Duke, and we live with a zoo other dogs.
I plan to use this blog to post tutorials of all of my fun projects as I do them, along with pictures of things that I have already completed and whatever else I find interesting. You can expect to see posts related to: arts, crafts, teaching, architecture, travel, animals, and much more. 

Want to check out some of my paintings?
Go to my old blog: paintandpawprints.blogspot.com

Photo Credit: Whitney Robbins, Crowned Photography

"You can't use up creativity, the more you use, the more you have."
-Maya Angelou

Hi there! My name is Shelby... the second half of Polka Dotted Pony. I am an Art Studies major at Arizona State University. I have a passion for the arts. It has become a critical part of my life and I can't imagine doing anything else!
I'm a huge fan of photography, theatre, design and (of course) DIY projects. When I'm not working on an art project of some sort, you can find me curled up with a book, at a hockey or baseball game, or on a horse exploring the desert.
Jen and I have big plans for Polka Dotted Pony and I really can't wait to share all of our adventures.

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