Sunday, October 6, 2013

Magazine Flowers

I don't know about you, but I love flowers. What I don't love about flowers is that they die too quickly. But have no fear... there is a solution!

I can't count the number of times I have made these. They are so simple and pretty you really can't go wrong. They can be used in endless ways. I've tied them to gifts, given them as a bouquet, or placed one or two in a vase as decoration. 

Now that you're inspired to exercise the right side of your brain and become a professional floral designer, I'll show you how to make it happen!


- Old magazines
- Pipe cleaners (in your color preference)
- Scissors
-Single hole punch
-Buttons (optional)

Go through the magazines and tear/cut out some colorful pages. Maybe you have a color scheme in mind? Ads never disappoint.

Trim off any rough edges. Fold each page like a fan to create long strips.

Now flatten your folded pages and cut along the folds!

Place a small button at the top of the pipe cleaner. If you don't have buttons just cut a small piece of pipe cleaner and wrap it around where the button would be. The button is only there to stop your "petals" from sliding down the pipe cleaner and won't be visible once you're done.

Time to punch some holes! Punch holes at the beginning, middle, and end of each strip of paper. There will be a total of three holes.

Bend the strip and line up the three holes to meet in the center.

Start adding petals one at a time. The more you add, the fuller the flower. As a general rule I do four, but I'm am a fan of creative freedom and if you feel like adding 100, then by all means, do! (And upload a picture so we can see it!)

Slide another button on top of your petals to hold them in place. Fold the excess pipe cleaner over to hide the pointy end. Again, if you don't have buttons just bend the pipe cleaner to create a little knot-type middle. It will hold the paper in place just as well as a button. (Yes, I speak from experience.) You may have to trim the pipe cleaner a little bit.

And there you have it... Now repeat the process until you are happy with the amount of flowers! 

Use them anywhere and everywhere! It's a fun way to brighten a room or someone's day.

Interested in making on of those cool tin cans?


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